Eden Valley Golf Course

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Club Services:

We offer FULL club services. Replace your grips with the newest 2019 styles to maximize your potential.  Also, we can lengthen or shorten all clubs and can do all club repairs.

  • All golf club grips purchased at the Pro Shop include FREE INSTALLATION!

  • We offer professional club service options for your golf clubs right at the course!

  • Drop off your clubs to be re-gripped, replace a broken shaft, or have them adjusted any day of the week!

  • Most services will be completed within a day or two and sometimes can be done while you wait!

  • See our fee schedule to the right for current pricing 

Club Service Fees:

(Tax is included in prices listed)

Club Re-gripping:  FREE w/grip purchase!

Standard Shaft Installation: $20

Adjustable Shaft Installation: $25

Club Lengthening: $8

Club Shortening: $5

Save Grip: $6

Tighten Club Head: $5

Change Swingweight: $20 

Replace Ferrule: $9

Remove Rattle: $12

Extract Shaft: $12

Replace Spikes (pair): $12

  • Fees are for services only and do not include replacement parts, if necessary.  All prices include tax.

  • List is non-comprehensive; other services may be available.